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b-ex's Commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

This article outlines b-ex's commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their strategy to reduce water wastage as well as mitigate the risk of water pollution caused by hair care products. b-ex will also be joining this year's World Biodiversity Summit, in New York city.


b-ex was formerly known as MoltoBene, a professional hair care manufacturer founded in 1975 by Mr. Akira Fukui, the founder and father of the current CEO, Mr. Toshihiro Fukui. Mr. Akira was concerned about the chemical burden placed on hair stylists' hands due to the daily use of perm lotion. He broke the industrial norm by developing a mild perm lotion.

Over the years, Mr. Toshihiro has continued MoltoBene's mission of 'More Beautiful, more Healthy Hair.' On its 40th anniversary, the company decided to redefine the true meaning of beauty by changing the company name and mission to 'beautyexperience' (now abbreviated to 'b-ex') and 'discovering the new experience of beauty in life.'

b-ex, as the first professional hair care manufacturer in Japan to announce its SDGs Commitment, believes that the positive impact on personal well-being brings true beauty, which arises from actions taken to strive for a sustainable environment and a beautiful Earth.

Water Wastage and the Risk of Water Pollution

The hair beauty industry is one of the largest service industries in Japan. While this industry employs the largest number of young workers with an average age in their 30s, it is dynamic, energetic, and influential. Hair stylists play an essential role in education and can spread trends and information through the internet or direct communication with customers in hair salons, raising awareness about climate actions and how their choices can contribute to the environment.

Given the large number of hair salons, it is important to acknowledge the enormous volume of water that they release into drainage systems across Japan every day—an astonishing 137 million liters (36 million gallons), equivalent to the daily water consumption of roughly 60 million people, about half of Japan's entire population.

Manufacturers can take a step forward by replacing chemicals with natural ingredients, reducing the chance of water pollution.

- b-ex Inc.

Moreover, reducing the use of plastic and over-packaging in favor of biodegradable materials or simple packaging ensures that our products are gentle on both hair and the environment. Manufacturers should encourage customers to return empty bottles for recycling or offer incentives for eco-friendly packaging choices.

In collaboration with hairstylists and users, b-ex has initiated its "Green Project" for a more sustainable future. The goal is zero-carbon emissions from hair salons. By 2025, we plan to introduce new emission-reduction and support measures, aiming to gain the cooperation of over 5,000 salons.

Our vision is resolute: to emerge as the unrivaled "No. 1 professional and clean-beauty group in Asia" and promote the Green Revolution in the beauty industry.

We are determined to work together as one team to overcome all challenges. Empowered by our commitment to zero-carbon emissions, we believe that by acting together, we can cultivate a green economy for generations to come.


About b-ex Inc.

b-ex Inc. is a beauty company with 48 years of history which main business is manufacture and sale of professional products for beauty salons and consumer channel.

In 2015, based on the corporate mission of "Discover New Experiences of Beauty in your Life," which is designed by the creative director Kashiwa Sato , the company changed its name from “MoltoBene” to “beauty experience Inc.” and to the abbreviated form “b-ex Inc.” since 2021. b-ex inc. aim to be the “No. 1 Professional and Clean Beauty Company” in Asia, through promoting SDGs as one of the pillars of product supply and business management that empathizes with hairstylists and customers.

The company formed a capital business partnership with O'right Inc., a zero-carbon beauty brand in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and is the sole distributor in Japan of Clean Beauty skin care products Lavido, from Israel.

Through their commitment to SDGs and catalysing the Green Revolution, b-ex is revolutionising the salon industry in Japan and contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society.



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