"It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth" 


Sir David Attenborough

About World Biodiversity Summit

The link between biodiversity and climate change is clear. As climate change accelerates, species and habitats decline, which further threatens the long-term resilience of our planet. With over 10 years of experience in the climate and sustainability field, World Climate Foundation has launched the World Biodiversity Summit, recognising this inherent interconnectedness.​

By convening leaders from government, business, international organisations, academia and civil society, the Summit offers a dedicated opportunity for increasing the effectiveness of mitigation strategies and scaling promising solutions through cross-sectoral collaboration.
World Biodiversity Summit serves as a platform for conveying transformational commitments, highlighting bold leadership and investments, building cross-sectoral partnerships and developing initiatives for the conservation and regeneration of the world’s ecosystems. As such, it is uniquely poised to channel needed investment into restoring planetary health.
The Summit is linked and highlighted as a key initiative of the World Climate Foundation, which hosts a roadmap of activities for strengthening both the global biodiversity, biosecurity and climate agenda.

Focus Areas in 2021

The inaugural event addressed the potential for science-based targets, ecosystem services, updated economic models and public-private partnerships to mitigate ecosystem degradation. In 2021, the event was hosted during Climate Week NYC and on the sidelines of both the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow and the initial COP15 negotiations in Kunming. 

Measurable targets and commitments were established, determining best practices for innovation and collaboration and creating

public-private partnerships that will strengthen initiatives to prevent the ongoing destruction of biodiversity, therefore contributing to a healthy planet.


The programme was shaped to convene actors and stakeholders from private and public sectors, catering to the need to work cross-sectorally. We strive to create partnerships that will show investors how they may contribute to mitigating the biodiversity crisis and encourage its restoration and channel the investments needed.

World Biodiversity Summit empowered public-private collaborations, convening the business and environmental sectors to create and strengthen solutions to the biodiversity crisis together. The ensuing goal was and remains to mainstream these solutions in business and national policy development.


Finance & Investments in Nature

Natural Capital as a new Asset Class

Regenerative Agriculture & Ecosystems

Resilient Food Systems & Food Security

Sustainable Forestry & Restorative Land Managemet

Biodiversity & Pandemics

The Blue Economy

Jens Nielsen
"The biodiversity crisis presents opportunities for innovation and climate change mitigation that need no longer be ignored. World Climate Foundation has chosen to bring our expertise to bear on this issue to accelerate regenerative solutions, realise partnerships for biodiversity and drive investments in planetary health."  


Jens Nielsen, Chair of World Climate Foundation

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