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Catalysing Nature-Positive Investments Through Public-Private Partnerships

With the aim to bridge biodiversity and climate solutions, World Biodiversity Summit was launched by the World Climate Foundation in 2021. The Summit gathers public and private sector stakeholders from across the globe, creating a pioneering platform to tackle the crucial issues of biodiversity loss, restoration and investing in Nature-based Solutions - in order to set the world on a path to achieve the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity. 

World Biodiversity Summit sets out to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration and devise actionable methods on how to create the ambition loops necessary to accelerate finance for nature towards the required Nature-based Solutions. The inaugural Summit was successfully launched in three parts, culminating in a convening of high-level and influential stakeholders on the sidelines of COP26 in Glasgow, UK, and the three-part 2022 Summit saw convenings alongside UNGA 77 and Climate Week NYC, UNFCCC COP27 and UNCBD COP15. 

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Part of becoming a regenerative company requires placing nature and humanity at the center of our business. At Walmart, we are activating this commitment by working in harmony with nature to protect, restore and more sustainably manage our natural resources. We look forward to sharing our progress at the World Biodiversity Summit and discussing where we see opportunities for collaboration and how we can spark collective action on nature based solutions and sustainable sourcing.

Jane Ewing, SVP, Sustainability, Walmart


The objective of World Biodiversity Summit is to bring economic growth within safe planetary boundaries while achieving the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement. 

To achieve our objective, promoting and strengthening synergies among the different sectors of society will be crucial. By 2050, the world needs to close the USD 4,1 trillion financing gap in nature to meet climate change, biodiversity and land degradation targets. That is why  World Biodiversity Summit is focused on creating ambition loops through public and private partnerships. The Summit works closely with businesses, asset managers, asset owners, governments and civil society to enhance biodiversity globally, and to support Nature-based Solutions that have the potential to reverse both climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as to result in wider economic benefits. 


World Biodiversity Summit confirmed how nature loss is no longer considered an isolated ecological issue but also a social, economic, human health issue. It was strategically organised alongside UNCBD COP15 when the world finally agreed to a global goal of “halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030” to transition from a nature-negative to a nature-positive society. Now the ‘Great Transition’ begins. 

Marco Lambertini, Special Envoy of WWF International

About the World Climate Foundation

The World Climate Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation acting as an independent mediator and trustworthy platform for cross-sector collaboration. Since 2010, the World Climate Foundation has worked with and engaged a network of global leaders and multi-sector stakeholders to combine the expertise and action needed, focusing on creating ambition loops through public-private partnerships in the areas of climate, biodiversity and health resilience.

The World Climate Foundation launched World Biodiversity Network in 2021 to bridge biodiversity and climate agenda. Through its collaborative, high-level network, the World Climate Foundation works closely with inspiring leaders from government, business, financial institutions and civil society to build resilience and enable the necessary transformation that addresses both the climate change and biodiversity crises. 

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