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Partnering for Nature

World Biodiversity Summit believes collaboration with partners is essential for achieving lasting policy changes for a nature-positive future. Having a collaborative approach and developing long-term relationships allows us to accomplish far more than we could alone.

Alongside strategic networking with high-level decision makers and advantageous knowledge sharing opportunities, our partners benefit from the following value drivers: 

Influencing the Future

Helping to define the future for nature-positive markets and economical activities, engaging with other leaders and experts in the field of biodiversity.

Global Positioning

Positioning our partners’ organisations as international leaders in sustainable solutions and strategies through engagement and communication opportunities at World Biodiversity Summit.

Coalition Building

Engaging with influential coalitions, alliances, key investment accelerators and development banks for sustainable and

nature-positive markets.

Ambition & Action

Enhancing our partners’ ambitions and action plans for measured global impact supported by our extensive experience and in-depth consultation.


The importance of investing in nature is often not immediately apparent to the financial sector. It is crucial therefore to push forward natural capital as an asset class - because, ultimately, investing in biodiversity is investing in human health, in carbon sequestration to tackle climate change, and in a sustainable, Nature-positive future economy. The World Biodiversity Summit will be bringing together all the key stakeholders needed to mobilise bold investments in biodiversity, a sustainable future economy and society.

Eric Usher, Head, UNEP Finance Initiative

Becoming a Partner

Join our unique collaborative platform to identify and accelerate solutions, actions and investments to address pressing environmental challenges. Gain insights and advice to scale your nature ambitions while demonstrating clear leadership and commitment to the biodiversity and climate agendas.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more. 

Past Partners Includes:



Capitals Coalition | Climate Policy Initiative | Ellen MacArthur Foundation FAO | Finance for Biodiversity Initiative |  Global Canopy | IDB | IFC | IPBES | Natural Capital Investment Alliance | ORRAA | OECD | OneEarth | PRI|The Economist Group - World Ocean Initiative | WWF 


EarthX | GreenBiz Group | Hub Culture | Sustainable Views 


O'right | Tetra Pak | Ossiam | Fonterra | Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc | Astanor Ventures | ADM | Mastercard | Waitrose & Partners | Stora Enso 

Governments & Policymakers

European commission | Government of Belgium | Government of Panama | Government of Portugal | Government of Singapore 

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