The link between biodiversity loss and climate change is growing ever clearer. Even as the acceleration of the climate crisis fuels the loss of habitats and species,  the biodiversity crisis fuels the loss of the ecosystems that act as important carbon sinks, in turn hastening the rate of climate change. The result is an aggravated threat to planetary health.


With over 10 years of experience in the climate and sustainability field, World Climate Foundation launched World Biodiversity Summit in recognition of this inherent interconnectedness. The Summit is the pioneering platform for global public-private partnerships to address the urgent need for biodiversity restoration through nature-based solutions and nature-positive investments.


By convening leaders from governments, businesses, international organisations, academia and civil society, the World Biodiversity Summit offers a dedicated and much-needed forum to increase promising solutions through cross-sectoral and

cross-border collaboration.

- His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales

Transitioning to a Resilient Future

After its successful launch last year, the Summit is returning for its second edition with a continued objective of emphasising the necessity of linking biodiversity and climate goals. World Biodiversity Summit 2022 will take place in threeparts alongside the three pivotal events:


This year, we seek to enhance investments in nature and explore nature market opportunities for strong partnerships and transformative policies that are required to achieve impacts guided by the Post-2020 Global Framework for Biodiversity.

As we aim to bring economic growth within safe planetary boundaries, World Biodiversity Summit acts as a platform to support the transition to a resilient future by forming coalitions to mobilise the action and investment needed to halt biodiversity loss. By using public-private sector ambition loops to achieve the required policies, innovations and investments, the Summit aligns with the 2030 climate targets and a net-zero and nature-positive world by 2050.


It is imperative that companies expand their view of ROI beyond their balance sheets – and factor in future quality of life on this planet. Forget promises of being carbon-neutral by 2050. We need to invest in solutions that will make an impact in the here and now, before it's too late


- Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Key Strengths of World Biodiversity Summit

Catalysing Nature-Positive Investments Through

Public-Private Partnerships

Highlighting Best Practices

& Scalable Demonstration Projects

Connecting Our Partners With Influential Biodiversity Coalitions

1000+ High-Level In-Person
& Digital Delegates

Raising Cross-Sectoral Commitments for

Nature-Positive Investments

Interactive Dialogue From Across the World Through Our Digital Platform