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Fostering Partnerships and Investment for a Nature-Positive Future

World Biodiversity Summit 2024

World Biodiversity Summit returns for its 4th edition on 26 September on the sidelines of the UNGA 79 and Climate Week NYC and reconvenes later on 26 October alongside pivotal COP16 in Cali, Colombia


This year, the programme will be pioneering global public-private partnerships to address the urgent need for biodiversity restoration through nature-based solutions and nature-positive investments, bridging the climate and biodiversity agendas. 


To foster harmony with nature and effectively enact the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, this year's World Biodiversity Summit will take stock of the implementation of its target and explore the synergies between climate and biodiversity, fostering cross-agenda collaboration and actionable implementation strategies.


The summit engages businesses, governments, civil society and financial institutions to bolster support for nature and mitigate climate and biodiversity risks while amplifying business opportunities on a larger scale. 


There is no easy answer, no silver bullet. We need to start reflecting on how we change the way we live, because replacing fossil fuels means changing the way we live, not only changing the technology.

María Susana Muhamad González, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Government of Colombia 

Building Synergies for Nature and Climate

Taking place in New York in September and returning later alongside COP16 in Cali, World Biodiversity Summit stands out in the 2024 Roadmap as the main annual biodiversity summit in the world. Building on the success of the last years, World Biodiversity Summit promotes collaboration between the public and private sectors to explore and realise a myriad of opportunities presented by the net-zero, nature-positive transition.


As a part of the World Biodiversity Network, World Biodiversity Summit hosts sessions alongside other initiatives of the World Climate Foundation, bridging the climate, finance and health discussions with the biodiversity agenda.  

Roadmap 2024


There is no safe landing for climate without protecting our biodiversity.

Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research 


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Key Strengths of WBS


Nature Market Development


Best Practices & Scalable Projects for a Nature-Positive Transition



our Partners with Prominent Biodiversity Coalitions 


the Public and Private Sector to Implement the Global Biodiversity Framework 


Cross-Sectoral Commitments for Nature-Positive Investments 


Dialogue from Across the World through our Digital Platform 


Climate and Nature Strategies 


2000+ High-Level Delegates



and hear thought leaders from the biodiversity & climate community including asset owners, institutional investors, international organisations, businesses and governments. 


and scale new and proven approaches to climate investments, natural capital and cross-sectoral collaboration including leading business and finance models.


as a key stakeholder in the development of the World Biodiversity Network, mobilising private investments and commitments on the global framework for climate and biodiversity action.

Partners of World Biodiversity Summit 2023


World Biodiversity Summit 2023

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