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Sophia Cheng

Chief Investment Officer, Cathay Financial Holdings

Sophia Cheng is the Chief Investment Officer of Cathay Financial Holdings and also acts as Chair of Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC). Sophia has near 30 years of experience in research and investment with last position acting as Chairman and head of research of Merrill Lynch Taiwan.Sophia is highly regarded by the government. She is well known for her work in financial sector research and her proactive participation in forming government policies, including promoting banking reform and tax reform.

Sophia was appointed as the member of Taiwan National Sustainable Development Committee and has been actively promoting Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investment in Taiwan. Sophia has been selected as 2019 Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen, 2021 Global Top 50 Women in Investment Management, and 2022 Taiwan’s Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals. Sophia holds M.S. in finance-banking from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California and B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from National Taiwan University.

Sophia Cheng
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