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Marie-Neige Couriaut

Deputy Head of Sustainability Business, Capgemini

Marie-Neige Couriaut is a VP in the Global Sustainability Services team from Capgemini Group. She is in charge of the acceleration of sustainability solutions for all their biggest clients, in all the industries. She also monitors the ecosystem of partners to support technological innovation in the sustainability field, with whom she launches new solutions such as in 2023 a circular economy in the aerospace sector.  

She has a strong focus on agriculture and agritech, published a point of view on technology for biodiversity with a partner in 2022. She started her career in a construction company where she was notably in charge of land rehabilitation.  

She holds a PhD in economics and history from the École Nationale des Chartes and recently received the Exeter University training for sustainability. 

Marie-Neige Couriaut
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