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"Just as natural ecosystems are intricately intertwined, our economic systems benefit from and impact life on the planet in a complex integrated fashion.  Improving our understanding of how to improve the impact of business and finance on nature is the first step to achieving sustainable economies and ecosystems and can open innovative investment pathways. 


The World Biodiversity Summit will highlight emerging opportunities for a more integrated approach to solving the challenges of nature, climate, and economic sustainability."


David Meyers

Executive Director, Conservation Finance Alliance

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"Ensuring we solve biodiversity will help us address many of our priorities, from soil health to yield, deforestation to water, livelihoods to wildlife, climate and much more. We each have to recognise our own role as stewards of the outcome, and to ensure we take a holistic and balanced approach.

There is currently too much polarization of issues and of approaches, and this can cause friction and delay instead of action.  It is easy to get tied up with definitions and metrics, and we do alignment here  in order to achieve the scale of change needed,  but urgency dictates that we must make progress over perfection. We need to  incentivise the right behaviour for change and fully support the transition for those who are actioning the work, such as farmers, so that together we can achieve a fully sustainable and resilient future.

The World Biodiversity Summit is a key enabler to progress the right approach here. I look forward to hearing from a range of experts at the summit and to better understand the role we can each play."


Adrian Greet

Director General - SAI Platform