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How to Set a Baseline for Nature

Interview with Katie Critchlow, CEO of NatureMetrics, at World Biodiversity Summit 2022

In this video interview, Katie Critchlow, CEO of NatureMetrics, introduces the new nature reporting platform for business and explains how it can support the implementation of the new Global Biodiversity Framework by providing the knowledge and necessary tools to measure impacts on nature.

"Businesses have struggled to understand nature in the past because it’s very-very complex. There haven’t been ways to measure and, therefore, to manage nature. But the nature tech revolution is now happening, and NatureMetrics is part of that. We can help people to set targets on nature and then to understand and track their progress towards nature positive.”

- Katie Critchlow, CEO, NatureMetrics

As a global nature technology company, NatureMetrics is a valued member of World Biodiversity Network. At World Biodiversity Summit 2022 in Montreal, Katie Critchlow delivered a keynote address "Solutions for Nature’s Survival”.

Watch her insightful interview below:


About NatureMetrics

NatureMetrics is a world leader in delivering nature data and intelligence. We use cutting-edge technology to generate biodiversity data at scale using environmental DNA. We make biodiversity measurable and support businesses to transition to a nature-positive economy by providing the data with which to drive good decisions for business and nature. Our mission is to transform the scale, comprehensiveness, and accessibility of biodiversity data around the world, creating a comprehensive database of life on Earth which will help us identify how best to protect it.

About Katie Critchlow

Katie has over 20 years’ experience in corporate strategy, innovation, and partnership development in building the green economy. Working across both public and private sectors, Katie has deep commercial and environmental expertise. From leading the development of global sustainable products and supply chains for M&S, through to delivering the green economy strategy for Borneo at WWF. Katie ran for parliament in 2019 and has experience running green start-ups in the energy and nature technology industries. Now CEO of NatureMetrics, Katie has the vision to revolutionise nature data provision through meaningful and simple insights.



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