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Lasse Miettinen

Director, Sustainability Solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Lasse Miettinen is Acting Director of Sustainability Solutions at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund – an independent expert organization mandated by the Parliament of Finland that works towards making Finland the pioneer of sustainable well-being. Before his current position as head of Sitra’s efforts in tackling the ecological crisis, Lasse’s job at Sitra focused on mainstreaming biodiversity into the heart of both public and private sector’s decision-making. 


In his career before joining Sitra, Lasse spent 15 years in the labyrinths of political decision-making, in positions such as Special Adviser for the Minister of the Environment, and Secretary General of the Finnish Green Party. In his career, he has covered pretty much everything in the field of environmental policy, from climate regulation to environmental subsidies and taxes, from international treaties to endemic endangered species. He is especially thrilled by private sector initiatives spearheading natural capital approaches and the development of biodiversity metrics. 

Lasse Miettinen
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