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Jonathan Jennings

Executive Director, Health in Harmony

Jonathan directs the international operations, representation, advocacy, and financial growth for Health In Harmony. After 20-some years leading humanitarian and post-conflict crisis teams across former Yugoslavia, sub Saharan Africa and south Asia, Jonathan felt like he was waking up everyday going to work to deal with the humanitarian fallout of a sick planet. He became increasingly focused on the drivers of climate breakdown and ecological collapse, particularly with the fundamental interdependence between human well-being (global health) and ecosystem integrity (global conservation). He followed his vision for change into the new field of planetary health, which he views as an antidote to a century’s practice of siloed thinking. He became Executive Director of Health In Harmony in early 2017. He has written and published broadly about the impact of HIH’s pioneering work.  


Prior to joining HIH, he spent 13+ years in leadership roles with Doctors Without Borders, conducting global humanitarian programming and advocacy. In 2013, he became the Deputy Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Canada. Jonathan holds an MS in Biology and Ecology and an MA in Politics and International Security. 


Jonathan Jennings
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