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Accelerating Public-Private

Partnerships, Innovations and Investments for Nature

World Biodiversity Summit - New York will take place on 21 September, coinciding with the 77th UN General Assembly and with New York Climate Week. The first event in this year's summit series, the programme will have a particular focus on the American market. It will serve as an important platform from which to bridge the climate and biodiversity crises by highlighting bold leadership and investments, creating synergies and sharing best strategies for action. 

World Biodiversity Summit - New York will focus on bridging climate and biodiversity by highlighting bold leadership and investments, creating synergies and sharing best strategies for action.

The programme for the Summit will integrate the following topics within key industries impacting biodiversity such as Agriculture, Forestry, Water, Cities and Energy: 

  • Public-Private Partnerships Through the Use of Ambition Loops

  • Financial Flows for Regenerative and Nature-based Solutions

  • Nature-Positive Supply Chains

  • The Protection of Marine Ecosystems

  • The Role of Technology in Protecting Biodiversity

Part 2 program

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21 September 2022


Looking towards Sharm el-Sheikh: Outcomes for Biodiversity at COP27


Nature-Positive Supply Chains: Quantification, Innovations & Regulations


How Can Technology Reverse the Biodiversity Crisis?


Catalysing Nature Markets - Overcoming Barriers & Accelerating Investment Opportunities

Lunch/Networking Break 



High-Level Welcome & Announcements



Oceanic Innovation - Fostering Life on a Sustainable Earth

 In this closing address, a selected high-level speaker will offer their insights into the upcoming COP27 negotiations, and the associated potential outcomes, challenges, and next steps. They will discuss the negotiations with particular reference to their implications for biodiversity, business, and finance.



Partnering for Nature - Taking Commitments to Action for the New Global Biodiversity Framework

During this session, selected stakeholders will shed light on how their organisations are managing their impact on biodiversity, with the goals of the new Global Biodiversity Framework in mind. Our distinguished speakers will have the opportunity to share with the audience their organisations’ best practices, challenges and opportunities.

In this keynote session, speakers will share examples of best practice when it comes to protecting marine biodiversity. They will highlight the important innovations, opportunities, and developments that will drive the protection of marine ecosystems in the future.

This panel will focus on finance and the private sector’s strategy to raise ambitions for the protection and conservation of the natural environment. What role does finance play in the post-pandemic scenario and how do we ensure that nature markets are integrated into climate finance?

This session will explore the transition to nature-positive supply chains. Speakers will discuss how the private sector is applying novel supply chain techniques, such as blockchain, in order to trace the sustainability of their products, services and operations. 

During this closing session, selected partners will present key technological innovations that are driving the nature-positive transition. They will highlight how using technology to address the biodiversity crisis offers important co-benefits - restoring ecosystems and associated services while also generating revenue.

Networking Reception



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