Accelerating Public-Private

Partnerships, Innovations and Investments for Nature

World Biodiversity Summit - New York will focus on bridging climate and biodiversity by highlighting bold leadership and investments, creating synergies and sharing best strategies for action.

The programme for the two-part Summit will integrate the following topics within key industries impacting biodiversity such as Agriculture, Forestry, Water, Cities and Energy: 

  • Public-Private Partnerships Through the Use of Ambition Loops

  • New Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Circular Economy for Biodiversity

  • Financial Flows for Regenerative and Nature-Based Solutions

  • Investing in Natural Capital 

  • Building Resilient Food Systems


GMT -5

21 September 2022

High-Level Welcome & Announcements

Panel Session 3 



Nature-positive supply chains: Quantification, Innovations and Regulations

Panel Session 2



Catalysing Nature Markets - Overcoming Barriers & Accelerating Investment Opportunities 

Panel Session 1



All Hands on Deck for 30 by 30 - Cross-Sector Collaboration Taking Commitments to Action

Lunch/Networking Break 



Opening Keynotes

Mitigating Climate Change by Protecting Nature: Forests, Agriculture & Water Systems



Closing session



How can technology reverse the biodiversity crisis?

A more detailed programme will be shared prior to the event.