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Nature-Positive Supply Chains: Quantification, Innovations & Regulations



For better or for worse, the supply chains we depend on have profound impacts on the environment. Whether supply chains result in deforestation, water insecurity, and increased emissions, or conversely, in ecosystem protection and carbon sinks, depends entirely on the ways they are managed.  The importance of supply chains for meeting global goals is reflected in the current draft of the Global Biodiversity Framework. It contains a target that reads “All businesses [...] assess and report on their dependencies and impacts on biodiversity, moving towards the full sustainability of extraction and production practices, sourcing and supply chains, and use and disposal.” 


Transparency in supply chains is also growing in importance - not only so businesses can understand and influence their environmental impact, but also to allow consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases. Consumers are increasingly interested in understanding the origin of the products they use and eager to lessen their personal environmental impact. This in turn drives the transition to nature-positive supply chains. This session will explore this transition, and examine how the private sector is applying novel supply chain techniques, such as blockchain, in order to trace the sustainability of their products, services and operations.

Tony Goldner Photo_edited.jpg

Executive Director, Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)

Jane Ewing headshot_edited.jpg

Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Walmart

Cyril Kormos_edited.jpg

Founder and Executive Director, Wild Heritage

DianaVN-LARGE-079 (3) (12)_edited.jpg

Co-Founder & Co-CEO,

Positive Luxury

ZOuld-Dada photo - use instead of one in bio_edited.jpg

Deputy Director, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO

Hans Sauter 2019_edited.jpg

Chief Sustainability Officer, 

Fresh Del Monte 

Andre Fourie photo.jpg

Global Director: Water Sustainability, AB InBEV

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