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Reimagining Forests
- The Role of Regenerative Forestry in Biodiversity Restoration

Forests are crucial pillars of our ecosystem, hosting over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and maintaining Earth's

ecological balance. They significantly influence climate, water cycles, food and energy security, and human


This session presented innovative practices such as regenerative forestry and their potential to propel a

nature-positive economic transition, enhance ecosystem resilience, and facilitate the successful

implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Speakers examined the role of financial mechanisms

in fostering regenerative forest management, a critical step towards achieving climate resilience and

biodiversity conservation. This session aimed to formulate actionable strategies and initiatives for promoting

regenerative forestry as a part of the larger goal of biodiversity restoration.

Paul Rosolie Spider Rescue(2) (1)_edited.jpg

Paul Rosolie

Founder, Junglekeepers

Kristian profile pic_edited.png

Kristian Teleki

CEO, Fauna & Flora

B17A3138 Gardner portrait 2023 2_edited.jpg

Dr Susan Gardner

Director Ecosystem Division, UNEP

Harry Quick Photo_edited.jpg

Harry Quicke

Senior Science Fellow, Envu


Jennifer Tauli Corpuz

Global Policy and Advocacy Lead, Nia Tero

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