Accelerating Public-Private

Partnerships, Innovations and Investments for Nature

In 2022, the World Biodiversity Summit will focus on bridging climate and biodiversity by highlighting bold leadership and investments, creating synergies and sharing best strategies for action.

The programme for the three-part Summit will integrate the following topics within key industries impacting biodiversity such as Agriculture, Forestry, Water, Cities and Energy: 

  • Public-Private Partnerships Through the Use of Ambition Loops

  • New Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Circular Economy for Biodiversity

  • Financial Flows for Regenerative and Nature-Based Solutions

  • Investing in Natural Capital 

  • Building Resilient Food Systems


World Biodiversity Summit 2022 Programme

A more detailed programme will be shared prior to the event.

Date TBD



High-Level Welcome & Announcements

Opening Keynote



Fast-tracking Public-Private Partnerships through the use of Ambition Loops

Panel Session 1



All Hands on Deck for 30 by 30 - Investing in Regenerative and Nature Positive Solutions

Closing keynote / Closing remarks



Circular Economy for Biodiversity - Starting the discussion


Finance & Investments in Nature

Natural Capital as a new Asset Class

Regenerative Agriculture & Ecosystems

Resilient Food Systems & Food Security

Sustainable Forestry & Restorative Land Management

Circular Economy

The Blue Economy

The engaging format combines insightful keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and interactive networking sessions with a focus on defining opportunities and commitments for supporting biodiversity through business, investment and cross-sector collaboration.

World Biodiversity Summit’s programme agenda is designed to help transform visions into resilient partnerships and concrete solutions to showcase innovative technologies and attract investment in these areas.

A more detailed programme will be shared prior to the event.