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Leading the Conversation for a Nature-Positive Future 

The World Biodiversity Summit programme 2024 in New York aims to bridge the conversations surrounding climate and biodiversity and facilitate the solutions, investments, innovations and partnerships to tackle both crises paving the way to a new green economy. 


Through a diverse range of panel sessions, keynotes, fireside chats, and workshops, the Summit aims to provide distinct conclusions and recommendations that span various sectors and break down silos. 


The Summit is tailored to showcase innovative strategies and investments that facilitate biodiversity conservation while addressing climate challenges.  

The key topics will include: 

Taking Stock of the Global Biodiversity Framework Execution  

Measuring and Managing Nature-related Risks

Creating Markets for Nature

Innovations for Sustainable Supply Chains 

Exploring the Potential of the Bioeconomy

Business Leadership in Driving a Nature-Positive Economy 


*The programme is subject to update on this page. Stay tuned to be up to date. 

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