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Partnering for Nature

- Taking Commitments to Action for the New Global Biodiversity Framework



Biodiversity loss is lining up to be one of the most devastating man-made crises ever. All over the world, we are witnessing the disappearance of nature as a result of human population growth, rampant urbanisation and overexploitation of fragile ecosystems. The macroeconomic, social and financial implications of biodiversity loss are profound, as the ecosystems underlying supply chains become ever more unpredictable, unproductive and vulnerable. Even more worryingly, biodiversity loss puts at risk the fundamental services nature provides to all life on earth, such as energy, medicines, clean water and air. 


Commercial agriculture and associated deforestation (in particular tropical deforestation) are among the biggest threats to global biodiversity. Maintaining healthy forests is of crucial importance, as over 90% of the world’s cities and 75% of accessible freshwater sources depend on forested watersheds for clean water. 


During this session, selected stakeholders will shed light on how their organisations are managing their impact on biodiversity, with the goals of the new Global Biodiversity Framework in mind. Our distinguished speakers will have the opportunity to share with the audience their organisations’ best practices, challenges and opportunities.  

Chair-Mallory-Portrait_opt (1)_edited.jpg

Chair, Council on Environmental Quality, The White House

Hollie Schmidt_edited.png

Director, Resilience + Sustainability Business Advisory, Jacobs


Co-Executive Chair, Galvanize 

Climate Solutions


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Panama

Emma Stewart headshot_cropped_edited.jpg

Sustainability Officer, Netflix


CEO, World Climate Foundation

Margaret Kuhlow WWF headshot_edited.jpg

Global Finance Practice Leader, WWF

JKB_march2014_zoom (1)_edited.jpg

Senior Vice President, Sustainability 

Transformation, Stora Enso

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