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Nature as the Bridge

- Advancing Climate and Biodiversity Action Together

The remarkable transformative potential of nature in protecting our planet and humanity from the threats of

climate change and biodiversity loss framed the theme of our closing session. Esteemed experts,

policymakers, and stakeholders from diverse sectors convened to emphasise the synergistic effects of

climate and biodiversity action and underscore the importance of collective and urgent action.

The session explored the multifaceted benefits of simultaneous action against biodiversity loss and climate change, presenting attendees with actionable recommendations to accelerate progress in tackling these interconnected global crises. Encouraging open dialogue and fostering collaboration across sectors, this session aimed to inspire attendees to bolster investments in nature-based solutions, align their climate and biodiversity actions and actively contribute to the shared goals of COP28 and COP16.

Nature Reserve

Mary Wenzel

Managing Director Corporate Engagement, The Nature Conservancy

DR Honeycutt_edited.jpg

Dr. Maria Honeycutt, PhD, CFM

National Director for All - Hazards Resilience, AtkinsRéalis

McLendon-Photography-0052 (1)_edited.jpg

Martine Stillman

Vice President Engineering, Synapse Product Development

Profile picture_edited.jpg

Rob Cameron

Vice President Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement, Nestlé


Emily McKenzie

Technical Director Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)


Olivia Bisa Tirko

President, Autonomous Territorial Government of the Chapra Nation (GTANCH)

Atossa Soltani

Director of Global Strategy,

Amazon Sacred Headwaters Alliance

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