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Regenerative Agriculture: Building Resilience across the Value Chain

11 December - Panel 1


Our global food systems are a key driver of biodiversity loss. Since the industrial revolution, they have been shaped by the ‘cheap food paradigm’, supported by economic structures and policies resolved to produce more food than ever at very low costs. The result is increased rates of extinctions and food insecurity, as the resulting soil degradation means even more intensive agriculture production to keep up with demand.


A transition towards resilient and nature-positive food systems is fundamental to reducing pressure on biodiversity and ensuring food security. Considering nature-based solutions, finance and regenerative agriculture practices, how can we stimulate this transition? This panel session will gather experts, policymakers, innovators and investors to tackle how to stimulate resilient food production and security to support global biodiversity


Éliane Ubalijoro


Executive Board Member, Crop Trust


Owen Bethell

Environmental Impact Lead Global Public Affairs, Nestlé


Madiha Nawaz

Manager, Environmental Markets Innovation, Rainforest Alliance

Tim Faveri_edited.jpg

Tim Faveri

Vice President, Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations, Nutrien

USE THIS PHOTO - max boucher_edited.jpg

Max Boucher

Senior Manager, Research & Engagements, Biodiversity,

The FAIRR Initiative

Havemann photo_edited.jpg

Tanja Havemann

Co-Founder and Director, 

Clarmondial, Food Securities Fund

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