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From Linear to Circular: Innovating Our Economy for a NaturePositive Future

11 December - Fireside Chat 5


Our ecosystems are threatened by unsustainable, linear economic patterns. This is acknowledged in Target 16 of the new Framework, which sets ambitious goals for waste reduction and reducing overconsumption. The potential of the circular economy when it comes to meeting such goals is widely recognised, but shifting the cradle-to-grave model into cradle-to-cradle requires a major rethink on a societal level.


This session will adopt a future-oriented focus, as panellists will discuss how we can catalyse the necessary societal transition to circularity and offer their insights as to the innovations that will drive the circular economy of the future.

Photo_Katia Karousakis_edited.jpg

Katia Karousakis


Biodiversity Programme Lead, Environment, Transitions and Resilience Division, OECD


Lasse Miettinen 

Director, Sustainability Solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Leah#96_High_Res (1)_edited.jpg

Leah Canning

Director, Circular Economy, Environment and Climate Change Canada

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