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The Future of Forests - Catalysing Sustainable Solutions for Natural Capital

11 December - Fireside Chat 4


As recognition of the importance of biodiversity grows, so too does recognition of the importance of the ecosystem services stemming from natural capital. Forests have become the prime example of natural capital. The services they offer range from the tangible and the quantifiable, such as the products of forestry, to the less tangible - the air we breathe, their impacts on human health, the carbon they sequester, and even their social, recreational and spiritual significance.

When the immediate returns on ecosystem services can be so difficult to quantify, so too can be the incentives for investment. In this session, key stakeholders will discuss the importance of investments in natural capital, particularly forests. They will outline the economic, societal, and environmental benefits while also discussing the challenges related to such investments.

Finnfund-Anne Arvola (1)_korkea res_edited.jpg

Dr. Anne Arvola


Senior Development Impact Advisor,


Braulio Dias photo 2_edited.jpg

Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias

Science Officer, UNSDSN

Felipe_picture (1)_edited.jpg

Felipe Ortega Schlingmann

Head of Division, Bioeconomy. Environment and Natural Resource Department, European Investment Bank

Paul Rosolie Spider Rescue(2)_edited.jpg

Paul Rosolie


Founder, Junglekeepers

julie nash_edited.jpg

Julie Nash

Senior Program Director Food and Forests Program, Ceres

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