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Biodiversity Solutions for All: Towards an Inclusive Nature-Positive Future

11 December - Fireside Chat 2


Ensuring that nature-positive solutions to the biodiversity crisis include and benefit all relevant stakeholders globally is not just a matter of justice, but also a matter of ensuring the sustainability, resilience and effectiveness of such solutions. This is recognised in some of the targets outlined in the new Framework; Target 19 focuses on capacity building in the Global South, Target 20 on ensuring that decision-making is informed by Indigenous and traditional knowledges, and Target 21 on the “equitable and effective” inclusion of Indigenous and local peoples in biodiversity decision-making.


In this session, selected speakers representing diverse stakeholders will outline why meeting these targets is integral to the success of the new Framework. They will highlight solutions that work towards these targets with important co-benefits - for the protection of Indigenous rights over their lands and customary resource use, for example, or for businesses through the development of new opportunities in emerging markets.


Atossa Soltani


Director of Global Strategy, Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative


Domingo Peas Nampichkai

Territories Coordinator, Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE)

Maya Colobani Photo_edited.jpg

Maya Colombani

Chief Sustainability & Human Rights Officer, L'Oréal Canada


Dax Dasilva

Founder, Age of Union Alliance

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