Martin Berg

Head of Natural Capital Impact Strategy, Climate Asset Management

Martin has more than two decades experience in conceptualizing and leading low carbon  and other environmental investments in the private and public sector and on climate and  environmental policy. Martin is the head of Natural Capital Impact Strategy at Climate  Asset Management (CAM), an asset management firm dedicated to natural capital. CAM  was established in August 2020 and is a joint venture between HSBC Global Asset  Management and Pollination, a specialist climate change advisory and investment firm.  Prior to this role, Martin was a Partner at Pollination and part of the team finalising the  partnership with HSBC. 

Previously, Martin worked at the European Investment Bank (EIB) based in Luxembourg  where he was the Head of the Environmental Funds and Climate Finance Policy Unit. At the  EIB, Martin has led investments into new climate and environmental sectors, such as  natural capital and the blue economy and helped to develop new business models, solutions  for blended finance and other innovative financing mechanisms for more developed low  carbon sectors, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy. At the EIB, he also  supervised the Natural Capital Financing Facility, a pioneering joint EIB and European  Commission initiative, and raised EUR 2.1bn for carbon, capture and storage and innovative  renewable energy demonstration projects through the sale of 300m EU Allowances as part  of the so-called NER300 initiative. 


Martin also served on the Board of Directors for the Green for Growth Fund in Luxembourg  and was a Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London responsible for the  carbon finance activities of Merrill Lynch Commodities. Martin was furthermore a Carbon  Finance Specialist at the New York based environmental investment firm RNK Capital LLC,  worked at the and OECD Climate Change Unit in Paris and started his career at the United  Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn.