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Hollie Schmidt

Director, Resilience + Sustainability Business Advisory, Jacobs

Hollie Schmidt is the Director of the Resilient + Sustainability Business Advisory at Jacobs. She served as the lead for nature-based solutions at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, following Hurricane Michael, to drive the rebuild to be more resilient, sustainable and smart. Hollie was a core team member for stakeholder engagement and outreach, program delivery, and multi-disciplinary coordination. She led the infrastructure technical team comprising all disciplines for wet/dry utilities, transportation/mobility, landscape and site layout, nature-based infrastructure, MEP, environmental, architecture, sustainability, resiliency, and SMART systems. She was also involved in updating the landscape master plan and coastal resilience strategy and closely coordinated with the USACE Engineering Research and Development Center’s (ERDC) Engineering With Nature (EWN) program.

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