Hans Sauter

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Fresh Del Monte

Mr. Sauter serves as the Chief Sustainability Office and Senior Vice President, Corporate R&D, QA, and Agricultural Services at Fresh Del Monte, positions he has held since 2020 and 2014 respectively. Prior to these roles, Mr. Sauter worked for 25 years in different research and technical support functions in Fresh Del Monte’s operations in tropical Latin America, playing a leading role in the innovation of pineapple varieties and production practices.


He joined Fresh Del Monte in 1988 in the banana research division and led the Costa Rica pineapple division research department during the time the Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple was launched. Throughout his career, Mr. Sauter has continuously worked to harmonize agriculture production and biodiversity conservation.

Mr. Sauter completed graduate work in entomology at the University of California, Davis, emphasizing biological control and integrated pest management.