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Catalysing Nature Markets

- Aligning Investors, Projects, and Biodiversity Goals

With the Global Biodiversity Framework paving the way for a new era of action for nature, progress in finance

for biodiversity is already taking shape. However, to achieve our collective climate, biodiversity, and land

degradation goals, investment in nature-based solutions needs to significantly increase.

Through this session, speakers outlined clear actions that are spearheading innovative financing and

economic incentives to stimulate the transformation of finance into nature. Successful case studies

showcased tangible examples of financial incentives for sustainable land management, market-based

approaches promoting biodiversity-friendly products, and risk-leveraging financial instruments.

Eco Friendly Buildings
Harvey Locke headshot_edited.jpg

Dr Harvey Locke

Vice Chair for Nature Positive, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and Y2Y


Louis Chang

Chief Sustainability Officer, E.SUN Financial Holding Company


Dr Helen Crowley

Partner, Pollination Group


Dr Valerie Hickey

Global Director of Environment, Natural Resources and the Blue Economy, World Bank

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