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Bridging Land and Sea

- Water Stewardship's Role in Enhancing Ecological and Economic Prosperity

Water quality and availability are intrinsically linked to the health of ecosystems. By prioritising ecosystem

restoration, we can safeguard the invaluable services they provide, such as regulating water flow, storing

water, and mitigating floods and droughts: enhancing water management practices is crucial to generate significant benefits for biodiversity restoration.

In this session, we explored how businesses can advance their approach to water use, efficiency, and

consumption. By promoting responsible water stewardship and adopting innovative technologies, businesses can minimise their water footprint and yield to ecosystem health.


Kirsten James

Senior Program Director, Water, Ceres

Andre Fourie photo.jpg

Andre Fourie

Global Director: Water Sustainability, AB InBEV

IMG_2137 (1)_edited.jpg

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim,

President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT)

Henn Monika Axa XL (2)_edited.jpg

Monika Henn

Senior Sustainability Manager, AXA XL

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