A new key inaugural World Biodiversity Summit will serve as a global forum for partnership-driven solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

The inaugural World Biodiversity Summit will serve as a global forum for partnership-driven solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

The World Biodiversity Summit will catalyse partnership-driven solutions to the biodiversity crisis by convening leaders from government, business, international organizations, academia, and civil society. This pioneering event will address the potential for science-based targets, ecosystem services, updated economic models, and public-private partnerships to mitigate ecosystem degradation. The Summit will channel investments towards nature-based and technological means for restoring planetary health. 

Ecosystems play a fundamental role in the global carbon cycle and are a key resource for climate change adaptation and in achieving the SDGs. Preserving biodiversity whilst keeping growth to within safe planetary boundaries will involve a broad spectrum of stakeholders, tasked with defining, implementing and achieving critical conservation goals. 


While the Aichi Targets were an important step forward, implementation of the Paris Agreement and the post-2020 biodiversity framework calls for closer collaboration. The post-2020 frameworks require more ambitious goals and measurable commitments based on input from diverse parties.

Who will Attend?

In order to drive biodiversity preservation and recovery, all actors must come to the table. From governments and cities to agriculture, industries and finance, every stakeholder is affected and has a role to play. World Biodiversity Summit will attract global representatives including institutional investors, financiers, policymakers and government leaders, technology and project developers, agricultural and infrastructure agents, experts in the biodiversity field and international organisations.


Key areas explored at World Biodiversity Summit 2020

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"Biodiversity is the planetary boundaries dimension which is most overstretched and potentially least understood. To act now, we must come together to discuss different concepts and concrete collaboration opportunities across private and public sectors. This is the value of World Biodiversity Summit."  

Alexandra Brand, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta


Through linking its discussion to the Convention on Biological Diversity—the most important platform for biodiversity discussions—and the World Conservation Congress, the Summit will address the systemic drivers of change required to achieve biodiversity preservation and restoration.

Invited Speakers

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